Who doesn't like solving problems?

The biggest part of solving problems is understanding the problem and the surrounding context. This requires experience, or the will to learn new and varied things, in order to place the problem in the correct context. The last piece is having the skills, again gained either through experience or through learning, that allow one to find a solution to the problem. I've been lucky in my life that I have a wide breadth of experience and knowledge while still maintaining the curiosity and creativity of my youth.

Let's leverage machine learning and computational knowledge to further understanding in neuroscience. While, at the same time, gaining insights into how we could approach the problems of sensor fusion, interpretation, and prediction for non-biological sensors.

While I'm not able to showcase any of the problems that I've worked to solve while in Industry, below you will find some of the non-confidential problems I've gotten to work on.

PhD Thesis


Environment Sensing for Robotic Arms

CNN for Medical Images

Stochastic Fictitious Play

Master's Thesis


VW Writeup

English Version

VW Writeup

German Version